Margo Seck, Ed.D, Former Principal of Liberty Elementary School

"Taran is a true professional. She is a hard working, dedicated and and shows a genuine concern for the needs of her students."

P.J. Rosewarn, Former Principal of Sundance Elementary School

"Taran brings a wealth of enthusiasm, which she shares with her students. She is innovative, creative, and a risk taker who will undertake any task, large or small, to help her students and others."

Annalee Monroe, piano student, Stanford class of 2018

"Taran was my music teacher from ages 6 to 16. Through 10 years, she completely transformed my understanding of theory and musicianship. I had no experience when I came to her and from her lessons, guidance, and friendship, piano is a skill I will cherish and practice forever. She is a wonderful teacher and I cannot recommend her highly enough, especially for young students."

Voula Popovich, M.A., piano student

"Taran is the best piano teacher I have ever had as an adult learner. She knows how to meet the student's needs and adjusts her teaching style based on skill-level. She makes the learning process FUN. I love her and highly recommend her to other students. So much so, that I also enrolled my son in her Piano Basics program."